UK Accident Compensation Solicitors – Eye Injury Claim

Fortunately, the number of eye injury claim settlements obtained by accident compensation solicitors is declining due to enhanced safety in the workplace from where the majority of injuries used to arise. Notwithstanding that good news there is however no need for complacency as the combination of industrial accidents and car accidents still produce tens of thousands of incidents where patients are taken to casualty for treatment for injuries ranging from minor scratches or particles in the eye right through to severe injury including lacerations and ruptures of the eye.

The amount that accident compensation solicitors can achieve in an eye injury claim depends on the severity of the injury, the length of time taken to heal and whether or not there are any long term implications or disabilities. Even a very minor injury may justify awards of up to £5,000 which may be appropriate for being struck in the eye, exposure to fumes or being splashed by caustic liquid thereby causing pain and suffering and temporary interference with vision. Conversely if the injury is much more serious for example total blindness, the award is more likely to be in the region of £150,000.

  • Mr C. was hit in his left eye by a splinter of wood. This caused an injury to his cornea, a laceration to the outer wall of the eye and a piece of wood became embedded in the eye. Mr. C had surgery in hospital to remove the piece of wood. The wound was repaired with sutures. Subsequently for 5 months following the accident, Mr. C suffered from irritation to his eye and hypersensitivity to bright light. Mr. C was unable to work during this time. The medical evidence was that Mr. C had suffered from moderate to severe symptoms for around four to six weeks. Thereafter the Mr. C continued to suffer from some minor symptoms of irritation. It was indicated that he may require some further, but minor surgery within the next 10 years. Accident compensation solicitors obtained a settlement of £5,500.
  • R was struck on the side of his face during a football game. He was diagnosed with an orbital fracture in 2 places and received 20 stitches to his face. His retina was damaged. Initially he suffered from severe impairment of vision, although by the time of the Court hearing approximately 2 years after the accident, his vision had stabilised. He is left with some blurred vision and he is unable to read for more than a couple of minutes without having to rest. The injury fortunately did not affect his career. His eye injury compensation claim settlement was £12,000.